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We are on Patreon
We’re more than happy to announce that we’re now live on Patreon. We chose this option as a main tool to connect with our community and form a double-sided interaction by updating all of our supporters and fans with behind-the-scenes content, stories of previous experiences, important decision-making answers about our game-development phases and a lot...
Wounded Update | Visitant – 2.2
Wounded – The Beginning gets another content update, now in the right theme for Halloween. If you’ve been waiting to play, the time has come, after this update you can experience the game in it’s full glory! Besides the many new sca, uhm… bug fixes, we offer an expansion in the storyline and a brand...
Celebrating 100 Reviews on STEAM
Every small step is an important one when you’re an indie-game studio, so today we wanted to celebrate our 100 Steam Reviews Mark, and of course, reward our fans and followers for it. 100 is a small number, but it means a lot to us because it’s the most we’ve ever had. Of course, we...
Wounded Update | The Attic – 2.1
Enter The Attic In this update we focused on expanding the story, adding new content, as well as polishing some things that needed slightly more attention. Here’s what’s changed: We made this build by using a different compression method, so now the game will take even less space on your hard drive Added new segment...
Wounded Update | New Beginning – 2.0
New Beginning – 2.0 We had a rough start with Wounded, but our passion for developing video games is stronger than the obstacles we had to face. Being zero-budget is not easy these days, but we managed to fix the flaws in our team and find replacement for those who couldn’t continue working. Our new...
We made it in history
Upon returning back home from the Central and Eastern European Game Awards, Europe’s largest video-game event which was hosted in Poznan, Poland, we saw a link posted from their official profile. We opened the link and what we saw was a very pleasant surprise. All the names of those who participated in the awards were...
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The goal is to establish ourselves as a recognized development studio that makes alluring games people will enjoy playing. We always give our best to ensure the most original ideas and concepts are implemented properly into our products for your enjoyment and entertainment.
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