Upon returning back home from the Central and Eastern European Game Awards, Europe’s largest video-game event which was hosted in Poznan, Poland, we saw a link posted from their official profile. We opened the link and what we saw was a very pleasant surprise. All the names of those who participated in the awards were listed on an official Wikipedia article. With this, we officially made history for our country.

We represented Macedonia on such a prestigious event for the first time ever in its existence, and now our names, or the name of our studio, was officially “engraved” in the Wikipedia pages. It’s something that we’re very proud of, and we’ll make sure to participate in similar events in the future, potentially making our country known in the world of video-game development.

Workbench Entertainment is proud to say that every effort pays off if you’re persistent in what you do. If Macedonia becomes known as a ground for video-game development talent, we’ll be proud to say that we were the ones who started it. Until the next time, stay safe and keep working hard, truly yours, Workbench.


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