It's not much of a long list but we thrive for quality. Full fledged games are priority and small mobile games are from less busy developers.


Wounded is a nerve racking first person horror game that is one step closer to the world of fear, unforgiveness, anxiety and all round terror! As you progress through the old and abandoned world of “Wounded”, searching for your daughter, you uncover the deep dark secrets that the place has buried in its wall and ground. Every clue that you gather and every secret that you uncover helps you to guide your way through the game and not to fall into your own nightmares.


BoxBloy is a small puzzle game that challenges your brain with quick decisions and tactical thinking. You need to complete the levels in the shortest time possible. Only job is to “collect” or run on every platform and reach the end. Just make sure you don’t slip and fall off the edge while tracking your time.


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