Wolfsbane is a multiplayer game of social cooperation and deception. Woodpine Village is a mysterious, remote hamlet plagued by a werewolf’s curse. It strikes once every ten years, turning one of the Woodpine villagers into a ravenous beast. It’s up to the rest of the village to prepare a ritual to lift the werewolf’s curse on the night of the blood moon… Or just track down and hang the beast while it’s still in human form. Don’t accidentally burn one of the innocents at the stake though!

  • As villagers, players are assigned specific roles and perks to complete the tasks necessary to prepare the ritual and hopefully outwit the werewolf among them.
  • Work during the daylight hours and fend off the werewolf’s sabotage attempts as residents prepare for the eerie full moon nights.
  • Here, the werewolf can shift between their human and wolf forms at will, attempting to sabotage the ritual and wipe out the rest of the town.

  • As a werewolf, the player’s goal is to prevent the ritual’s completion by using sabotage, misdirection, and subterfuge.
  • Stuck in their human form during the day, a werewolf can sabotage the preparations, but risks being revealed and marched to the gallows.
  • Transform into a werewolf during the full moon nights to stalk and devour their fellow villagers under the cover of darkness.
  • Once the blood moon rises, the werewolf becomes permanently transformed and the real bloodshed begins – but they can only be in so many places at once.

  • Work together as a team to prepare the purge of Woodpine Village’s blood moon curse.
  • Deduce the identity of the werewolf and remove the threat from the village.
  • Be mindful to not wind up putting an innocent villager in the hangman’s noose and play right into the werewolf’s plans…


Workbench Entertainment


Workbench Entertainment

Release Date:

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First Person, Casual, Adventure


Co-Op, Multiplayer