Every small step is an important one when you’re an indie-game studio, so today we wanted to celebrate our 100 Steam Reviews Mark, and of course, reward our fans and followers for it. 100 is a small number, but it means a lot to us because it’s the most we’ve ever had. Of course, we will give our best to increase this in the future, but for now let’s just appreciate the moment.

As you all probably know, every member of Workbench Entertainment highly appreciates the opinions of each and every one of you, even when they’re a bit “saltier” than they should. After all, criticism is what makes us better. As for the positive ones, we cannot thank you enough. It’s what helps us push forward. For our 100 Steam Reviews Milestone, we’re giving out fifteen digital keys for Wounded – The Beginning. But, that’s not all. Stay tuned because for this upcoming Halloween we have an update coming out with another, even larger giveaway.

If you still haven’t reviewed our game on Steam, feel free to do so. It means a lot to us and it’s what helps us get the much needed feedback to improve and bring more great games to you, the players.

Now for the mentioned keys:

6PPG2-AZ4ZE-M22VW   |   T30X2-XFZ9V-AWTDB   |   IY6G3-GRPJR-F8FW9   |   52LWW-VLWMQ-KDPAQ   |   F0KC5-7PEGN-ART7V   |   DTMFR-KEZQY-H25QK   |   H6T6N-3VH9B-CL9E0   |   LPZH6-QQ57W-45Y2E   |   KZJFK-VY9W6-WEQEZ   |   WBNXB-RDI0G-TJQKG   |   JQT06-XGB85-XCWF3   |   9R7TB-E67LP-QAE6F   |   KXMZI-ZGB2M-D0VZ8   |   DWDAZ-F2VLN-HDMB7   |   6MEC2-J9C6L-AQ4DJ

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