Shortly after the release of Wounded, we received an invitation to hold a presentation for Semos, one of the most reputable companies in our country. Workbench Entertainment held the meeting in a conference hall where we had the chance to share knowledge and insight into an audience that was eager to learn some more about the development of video games with zero budget.

After the presentation, many fans greeted us, and that was the moment when we realized a lot of people in our country appreciate the effort that we’ve put, despite the obstacles we had to face. Developing a game from scratch with no budget at all is very tough, but it looks like a lot of people appreciate what we did, and that’s the only reward that we need.

At the end of the conference, we talked to a few other developers and managed to make some new connections. One of the people we’ve met became our new programmer, so we cannot be more than glad for this event, and we thank Semos once again for the invitation. We strongly believe that our next few games will be even more successful than Wounded, so there will be a lot more meetings in the halls of Semos shortly. Until then, stay safe and keep on working towards achieving your dreams.

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