Wounded – The Beginning gets another content update, now in the right theme for Halloween.

If you’ve been waiting to play, the time has come, after this update you can experience the game in it’s full glory!

Besides the many new sca, uhm… bug fixes, we offer an expansion in the storyline and a brand new segment. You can now get a glimpse of the infamous Altana Police Department, but in a slightly different “state”. We’re not going to reveal too much, besides the fact that this update, just like all the previous and upcoming ones is completely free.

We hope you have a spooky Halloween, and if you are interested in the more “technical” changes of Wounded, feel free to check the changelogs below. Happy trick or treating!

  • Completely new scene of the Altana Police Department for you to explore and get scared which further explains the backstory
  • Fixed a bug where you could take the duct tape without climbing the ladder which broke the game and needed a restart
  • Polished the menu so it won’t go to a black screen when there is conflict with cloud saves

Note: Subtitles are back, slightly – all subtitles are active again, but for other languages than English, there are a few lines that are from the new content that still need to be translated. Upcoming update will address all of the translations.

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