How it all started you ask? Then let’s share out story a little more! It all started as a simple idea to make a short video game project that we can play with our friends and simply have some fun.Somehow all of us had suddenly found some spark inside that just kept motivating us to make something more, go even further.

When we firstly started making our first game “Wounded“, it all looked like a joke. We were in one small room in which barely three people could fit, one laptop that wasn’t even able to run the game engine properly and a bunch of energy drinks desperately trying to keep us awake during our journey into the unknown depths of the video game development world. Brick by brick, code by code, putting work every single day was the key for making the necessary progress. Many crowdfunding campaigns were failed, but it did not stop us from reaching our goal. Even in the most desperate times we still managed to somehow see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Two years later, the demo for “Wounded” comes out. Surprisingly we reach a huge amount of positive comments, comparisons with one of the best horror games that are our main inspiration and enormous group of fans and feedback. The next huge step for us was Steam. After making our next trailer we decided that its time to take things to the next level and open up our first greenlight campaign. We honestly were not expecting much, we would be satisfied with just passing the campaign in like a month or two. Well, this is where it all went uphill. The next thing we know is that “Wounded” reached top 5 place in just seven days of our greenlight campaign. The positive comments were overwhelming the comment section. We couldn’t really believe what was happening, this was the biggest success yet for our game and our entire team. Filled with positive energy and courage, we continued putting work and trying to polish and make our game even better.

That stupid idea of making a “small project that we can play with our friends” now grew into a fully developed studio of enthusiastic game developers that are ready to take on the new challenges and risks that behold in the wonderful world of creating video games. We hope that one day we will rank among one of the best studios, and provide our fans the quality entertainment that they always wanted!

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