The “Lights Off” update includes:

  • Brand new segment in the motel after the cameras, which connects to the kitchen area
  • New security cameras
  • Reworked scenery in the market part
  • Enemies have improved animations
  • Changed the chase music with more creepy and horror-ish vibe
  • Mouse sensitivity is re-scaled and can go much lower
  • Small bug fixes and tweaks

We have a few reports of a bug that causes your game to have a black screen after the Workbench Entertainment logo.
If you experience this, press any key on the keyboard or mouse and then hit “ESC”. The menu should open and you will be able to re-adjust your brightness.
We’re working on a permanent fix for this problem but if any of you experience this bug, just do these two simple steps and you will be able to continue without any problems.

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