Devblog #4

G’day readers!

It’s been hectic lately. HEC-TIC. We are getting close to the final product but we must always have the time to fill you up on the latest news. The team has been very cooperative as well! Concept Art, voice act and everything else, all the  pieces have been coming at a very reasonable pace and  we are seeing a game of epic proportions coming together in front of our eyes. As a Game Development team you  learn about the commerce, theory and design of digital games. That knowledge is complemented by the development of skills that are gained in our areas ( art, design, programming, modeling.. ). Visual design lies at the heart of most games from concept to completion. So this dev blog #4 covers some concept art.



Last week’s Throwback Thursday we shared some of our early concepts.

As we were planning our concepts and building the in-game environments, we use some guidelines in mind so that there is an idea of  the character and his initial look and feel. The art has been build from the ground up to allow the team to decide or change and build it in the engine the efficent way.

Our initial character sketches begin with an exploration of proportions, clothing and attitude before beginning to add in the detail of facial expression, costume design and texture.

Big tasks coming up soon. Till next time!

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