Devblog #3

Hello there, readers!

Last week in our devblog #2 we covered the audio production of WOUNDED. As we’re in the process of going through the final segments, and giving them the polished look that they need, one of things we’re going to cover in this blog is the story of WOUNDED and the whole thought process. No spoilers, we promise.

Storytelling in games has long been a much debated issue. We all want to bring you something that’s worth while. We know that one of the guilty pleasures in the video game industry is jump scares. Don’t get us wrong, it “has” to be a part of every survival horror game and it can be a good touch as it’s making you question every step you make… but the most important thing is to tell a story that’s going to keep you on the edge of your seat.

It’s all about the fear of the unknown, the plot is the one that’s keeping you curious wandering around trying to find out more and more. Walking in the shoes of the main character, you are armed with your own wits and the will to find your daughter. Our goal is to make you follow your instincts. It’s important to know that some of the actions you make will determine certain events in the long run. Your own influence drives the story, and as far as we all know – everyone is different. Our level designers and storytellers worked as one to make sure you felt the story through all of the surroundings. Every detail is connected to something.

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