Devblog #2

This week in the devblog we dig deeper into the audio production of Wounded.

Let’s jump in our work process. For audio, we have couple of sources.

For voice acting, we have local studios that we use to record all acts. To maximize the result we usually do one voice per day so we can get more samples and later to choose the best one while editing.

Working locally on vocals is much better because we have more control over the recordings, so we can make suggestions and explain the backstory and environment so the actor can perfectly fit the act.

Once all voices are recorded, we head to a separate editing studio and we go over everything and polish it as much as we can to fit perfectly into the scenes. Same thing goes with some easier sound effects or voice effects.

usually more serious when there is work

All other audio, including important sound effects and soundtracks are done from different source in France, with probably more experience than any of us combined which is epic!

We can’t wait to show you the finished product with everything compiled into an actual game! That day is closer than ever!

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