Big Updates Heading Out!


While we were in the shadows for some period on our public end, it was hectic at the other. Now, as we are closely finishing up Wounded, we have a few interesting updates that we want to share.

First and foremost we want to start sharing our stuff more and more. For that, we are officially opening our Dev Blog section which will be updated every Wednesday. Here you will find all sorts of updates including some big announcements and retrospectives of the work that we did and never shared it.

In addition to the Dev Blogs, we will also be starting a Throwback Thursday thread where we will share more of the past of Wounded and of the team. You will find some pretty interesting stuff there. 🙂

Also another big addition to our website is the new Gallery for Wounded. We will regularly post pictures taken in-game from various scenes and things. You can catch some pretty interesting things from that creepy world!

Lastly, if you haven’t already noticed, we opened an official Instagram account. You can follow us there too and see more of the behind the scenes. We promise to keep it clean!

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