For quite some time, last year we were working on a small demo version from our upcoming game “Wounded”. We were interested in how people will receive us and our game, since no one knew or heard about us.

On February 10th we made our download links accessible and after that it was just constant staring at the graphs. We were very excited to read a single review or something.

Suddenly a video popped out on YouTube. By the time we finished watching it there was already another, and another… By the end of the day there were couple videos on YouTube and a few comments. All that excitement resulted in couple sleepless nights.
Following comments and watching every video with joy for a week, we were just overwhelmed. By the end of the first week we had 2000 views and 500 downloads. It was amazing. Everything was going better then anyone expected.

And then one day, our phones got a subscriber notification titled “TOO SCARY TO WATCH | Wounded” with a picture from a well known channel.
For the rest of that day we were actual ghosts. We gathered in the evening to watch it and our minds were just blue screened. We were sitting there in disbelieve, watching it over and over. It took a solid week for us to settle down.

Today, 3 months after we released only the demo, we are hitting over 5.000.000 views and over 50.000 downloads. That is more then any of us ever expected. We are truly grateful for your shares, comments, suggestions, likes and dislikes! We listen to everything you have to say in order to make wounded the best as we can.

We can’t wait to show you what we have been working on Wounded! We have a lot of interesting things to show you!
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